COVID-19 On Campus Information:

Sigma Nu in-house guidelines


  • All members are required to be tested for COVID-19 before they return to campus for the semester (Purdue released statement).

  • Each member has received a Wellness Kit from the University.

  • Members are also responsible to monitor their health daily, and check for symptoms that are connected to COVID-19, including regularly checking their temperature.

Symptomatic Member:

  • If a member exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, the member is to immediately report status to EC or LC.   

  • The member with symptoms will get tested as soon as possible.

  • The member with symptoms will remain in his sleeping room, alone.  Other members will rotate bringing food to the isolated member. Further, he will have exclusive use of the basement bathroom.

  • Symptomatic member to report to family / guardian their condition, unless extenuating circumstances mandate otherwise.

  • These rules will only be enforced until the member receives a test result, where positive results must follow the next section

  • Protect Purdue: “If you are sick, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, stay home and do not attend work or class. If you are at work or in class when symptoms begin, you should go home immediately.”

    • “Inform your supervisor (faculty or staff) or instructor (students) of your absence and contact the Protect Purdue Health Center 24/7 at 765-496-INFO (4636) or toll-free at 833-571-1043 by pressing “1.” (A call tree option is available after hours.) You will be connected with a registered nurse case manager, who will help determine the appropriate course of care, which could include self-quarantine and a COVID-19 test.”

    • More information is located on the Protect Purdue page, review and use this resource.

Confirmed positive cases:

  • Per Protect Purdue rules, all positive cases of COVID-19 must quarantine out of the house.

  • Upon receiving a positive result, all members should temporarily move out of the house for 14 days to ensure the safety of all our members.

  • Purdue offers positive students to quarantine in the Purdue Village apartments, where food is also provided. More information is located on the Protect Purdue page.


  • All members and all guests are to wear suitable masks / face (nose and mouth) covering at all times while in common areas (hallways, public spaces and other areas where distancing of six feet is not possible), including when they leave their rooms and when they leave the facility.

  • All members are required to have at least one (1) mask/ face covering on their person at all times.

  • Face masks are always required if safe social distancing is not possible, however, members are required to follow social distancing when it is possible.

  • While in restrooms, persons may remove mask / face covering to attend to personal hygiene.

  • Masks / face coverings may be removed while seated in dining area while observing safe distancing.  While moving about the dining areas, masks / face coverings are to be worn.

  • While in sleeping rooms, anyone that does not reside in the room must wear a mask / face covering.


  • In house members will be assigned common area cleanings in a round robin fashion.

  • Doorknobs, tables, sink handles, light fixtures, and other commonly touched objects are to be wiped during the assigned cleaning.

  • The routine assigned wipe downs will take place twice a day - one before lunch and one before dinner. 

  • Mass cleanings will still take place on Sundays.

Food Service and Dining Operations:

  • All meals will be provided to members via disposable containers.

  • There will be a hot table open and the chef will serve members from one side as the members go through the line. 

  • The salad bar will be prepackaged salads with individual packets of dressing to choose from.

  • Tables will be pulled apart to create more space, and there will be only 4 chairs allowed at a table that normally sits 8 people.

Common Living Spaces and Gatherings:​

  • Per Protect Purdue, any gatherings of people (members and/or non-members) are not allowed on the chapter premises. 

  • Members are allowed to use common spaces provided that a group of people doesn’t form in said area.


  • Sanitation stations will be placed at all entrances that are used on a daily basis.

  • Each member is expected to sanitize after returning from campus.


  • All members living-in have their own single bedroom.

  • Cleaning will be left to the discretion of the resident living in said room.

  • There are a maximum of 3 people allowed in a member’s bedroom.


  • All guests must enter in the house through the front door, utilize the sanitation station, and have their temperatures checked.

  • Each member is allowed to have one (1) guest in the house at a time, with a maximum of twelve (12) guests.

  • Each guest will need to sign in.  Sign in process will include a google form that includes: a) promise to comply with house rules, and b) answers to brief questions about testing, contact and symptoms, and c) full name, phone number and member visited.​

  • House rules are posted in the foyer for guests to read as they enter.


  • Each member is expected to use personal responsibility and accountability in his own actions. All members should discuss with other members behavior that is inconsistent with these guidelines.

  • These rules will be enforced via reminders and fines.

  • Housing Corp reserves right to inspect house-wide compliance with these protocols and take action deemed appropriate for the safety of members in the house, including removing members or closing house due to unsafe conditions and unwillingness to employ safe practices.


  • We at Sigma Nu are going to follow the guidelines put forth by the Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life. With that being said, this policy is subject to change as FSCL and Protect Purdue sees fit. We as members of Sigma Nu will also observe our behaviors and adjust this policy if the need arises.