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During its inaugural year at VMI in 1869, the Legion of Honor grew from 3 founders to 51 members in total at the end of the academic year. Like our founders, we recognize the importance of recruiting and the best and brightest men who exemplify the principles and values of Sigma Nu Fraternity. 

This fall, Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters staff members will be on the ground to conduct  one-on-one meetings with interested students, present at student clubs and organizations, and begin our return to Purdue. 

The Right Time 


When is the right time to choose fraternity? The only person that can answer that is you. Sigma Nu Fraternity will continue recruiting and extending bids throughout the academic year. 


If you are interested in meeting with us, please set up a meeting under the 'Recruitment' tab or click 'Prospective Members' to learn more. 

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