2021 Executive Board
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    Nate Sislow

    Eminent Commander

    Rather than focusing on one specific task, he takes on duties as necessary.  He works with other officers and the chapter as a whole to implement his vision and maintain the long term vision of prosperity.

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    Ryan Richard

    Lieutenant Commander

    He works with the commander to implement his vision through logistics of internal operations for the chapter.

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    Jack Roudebush


    He balances how much the chapter wants to do on campus with budgets for the semester to ensure the chapter has no financial issues.

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    Nathan Neyhouse


    He manages all documents, rosters, and meeting minutes for use of the chapter and related entities. 

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    Joseph Lamia


    His duties include arranging brotherhood events, directing the semester chapter retreats, and ensuring all internal quarrels are dealt with in a responsible and fair manner.

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    Blaine Carroll

    Risk Reduction

    He creates strategic plans to safely monitor events and ensure the Sigma Nu Risk Reduction policy is enforced at all times.

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    Kyle Hanley


    His main priority is to provide opportunities for Sigma Nu to form strong relationships with other houses as the Beta Zeta house continues to grow.

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    Ross Carter


    He coordinates events throughout the year to attract the best men to the chapter. He establishes our values early on to minimize dishonorable members.

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    Austin Duarte


    He sets all of the academic requirements and strategies, along with managing academic probation, scholarships, and overall academic success for all of the brothers.

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    Noah Frank

    LEAD Chairman

    Leadership. Ethics. Achievement. Development, or LEAD, is Sigma Nu's award-winning leadership program. He organizes LEAD sessions and inviting guest speakers to enlighten brothers on topics of leadership.

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    Colin Petchul

    Philanthropy and Community Service

    He coordinates all philanthropic events for the chapter and works with his director to find great opportunities for the chapter to help out the surrounding community.

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    Carter Martin


    He oversees the education of new candidates, teaching them Sigma Nu history, expectations, and information to ensure they have a strong foundation for their future fraternity career.

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    Matthew Camp

    House Manager

    He manages all aspects of the chapter house, including everything from meals to fire drills.